Online Yoga Classes – are they a gift or a crime?!

A year and a half ago I could not imagine that in the near future I would be teaching online from home. That I would close the door of the studio, not knowing when opening it again. Like you I had to adapt to a different way of living, working and socializing. Perhaps you could say: we all had to adapt to a different way of thinking and we needed time to see things clearly again. Luckily, we, human beings, have this great ability to adapt to new circumstances.

Concerning Yoga Classes (worldwide), the new way of teaching and practicing became – indeed – online classes. I felt very blessed that, from the beginning, some of my students dared to dive into the deep with me. We learned how to deal with new applications like Zoom and Momo Yoga, we created a space at home to practice, we bought our own yoga mat and block, informed partner/kids/pets/others about the importance of having this one hour of quality time for ourselves (or we just cried: «Now, leave!») and we even survived several earth quakes (February 2021, Granada)! With the result that we stayed fit, healthy and connected.

And now… here we are: a bit over one year later and guess what: practicing online goes smoothly!! We even see the advantages of practicing yoga at home! So if you are a «yogui» or «yougini» that is still waiting till the studio opens, I would like to share the positive points of practicing yoga at home with you:

it´s convenient (you can choose a class, day and time that works for you)
it´s good value for money (less costs for me means less costs for you)
it´s more like self-practice (no pressure, no competetive environment)
it makes screen time positive and healthy (and not only as something «bad»)
– last but not least: deeper awareness of your body (you learn to feel how deep you can go into the poses)

Does this mean that Online Yoga Classes are better than Real Life Classes?
No, I think we all feel the loss of not being together physically every now and then.
But for the time being, it is the best way of practicing without any risk, the best way to continue with your yoga practice, the best way to still feel connected to all yogi´s of our community.

So, if you are not «in» yet and perhaps your practice has frozen, I would like to invite you to dive into the deep of Online Yoga Classes with me and all the others of our little community. We can tell you now: it works!
No gift, no crime, just the way it is.

Take good care, namaste!

PS Are you interested in Yoga Classes Online? Contact me and I will guide you step-by-step.