What is Meditation?

In an increasingly busier world we receive constant stimulation. Therefore we are more in need of relaxation, silence, and peace of mind than ever. To achieve this, meditation can be very beneficial.

Meditation differs from other ways of relaxation. While meditating we are relaxed but focused and awake. At the same time we become more attentive and conscious, unlike other relaxation techniques.

With meditation you learn how to live in the moment and just be. Every meditation has its own value and the moment you let go of your expectations you will experience its great benefits even more.

The advantage of meditating together, also online, is that the shared energy brings a positive effect to each person and you will feel an increased connection. Experience is not needed. Feel free to join!

Benefits of Meditation


Increases intellectual abilities and intellectual awareness.


Higher state of concentration.


Reduces stress and anxiety.


Increases happiness by stimulating brain areas assigned to this.


Stimulates the immune defense system and increases mental and physical health.


Develops emotional intelligence and empathy which increases sociological stability.

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