Linda Westendorp

In 2004 I fell in love with yoga on the beautiful island of Bali. Working in hectic job in tourism I was looking for more peace of mind. One day I asked my Balinese colleague how he managed to always stay calm and friendly. “You do the same work as I do, you deal with similar problems, you must feel the same stress. What is your secret?” He showed me his bright smile and answered: “I do yoga and meditation”.

Soon yoga became part of my daily life. Not only the physical exercises (asanas) but also the breathing exercises and meditation. Bit by bit I experienced more calmness within myself and became a happier person!

After several years of practice I felt the desire to share yoga with others and decided to go to India to become a certified teacher. In October 2013 I followed the teachings in classical Hatha Yoga and Vedic philosophies and achieved my 200 hours certificate. In March 2017 I added the teachings of Yin Yoga (50 hours) to my classes. Both certificates are recognized worldwide by the Yoga Alliance. With the combination of Hatha and Yin Yoga I feel I can offer my students the perfect balance of Yin and Yang.

With Granada Spirit I am able to do what I love most: bring yoga and meditation to others so they are able to follow their own path towards a more balanced and happy life. The classes are a mixture of asanas (yoga postures), stretching-, breathing-, and relaxation exercises. Beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike are very welcome on my yoga mats.

Mi objetivo es: compartir el yoga y la meditación con otras personas de forma que ellos sean capaces de seguir su propio camino hacia una vida más equilibrada y feliz. Mis clases son una mezcla de asanas (posturas de yoga), estiramientos y ejercicios de respiración y meditación. Los principiantes, así como las personas más avanzadas en la práctica del yoga, son bienvenidos a Granada Spirit.

Linda Westendorp, GranadaSpirit