What is Yoga?

Yoga is not about being able to bring your hands to your toes or your legs in your neck.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say they cannot do yoga because they are not flexible, and so they don´t try. Believe me when I tell you that yoga is for anybody who can breathe!

Yoga is a lifestyle with roots in ancient India. This lifestyle helps to heal and transform the body. You learn how to put exercises into practice and how to breathe properly.

In the yoga class there is no need to compare yourself with others. It is not a competition. You practice the asanas (postures) with respect for your own body. Every body is different and has its own age and challenge.

Yoga helps you to live your life with more ease: you learn how to relax, how to improve where improvements can be made and you learn not to give up too easily.

With yoga you bring yourself physical and mental harmony.

The 5 principals of Hatha Yoga

Proper Exercise

Asanas is the Sanskrit name for yoga poses.

 Practicing asanas goes further than physical exercise alone. By learning how to focus, move and breathe in a proper way you bring yourself balance. Yoga works on a physical, energetic and spiritual level.

Proper Breathing

Proper breathing is necessary to live a healthy and happy life. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to our breathing (because of stressful situations) and we feel tired, unable to concentrate or experience headaches. When we re-learn how to breathe correctly we bring calm to ourselves. By controlling the breath we are able to control the mind.

Proper Relaxation

The body needs to heal and regain energy. In yoga class we use Shavasana in between the postures and at the end of the class for deep relaxation. This method uses autosuggestion techniques to relax the physical, astral and spiritual body completely.

Proper Diet

The body uses everything you eat and drink to renew its cells. Therefor a healthy diet is necessary in maintaining physical and mental fitness. According to the Yoga philosophy it is important to choose with care what we put into our bodies in order to stay physically and emotionally healthy.

Peace of Mind & Meditation

Thinking has direct impact on the energy and condition of the body. A negative thought instantly lowers the energy in the body and a positive thought instantly raises the energy. Positive thinking and meditation is food for the mind. Meditation helps to reduce stress and brings clarity and awareness.